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Alton Water

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Are You Scared Of the Dark?

Pacesetter Events are very excited to present the all new Alton NightSwim. 

September 2023 we are giving you the chance to experience the thrill of swimming in open water underneath the stars. This unique experience will enliven your senses and create an atmosphere you will struggle to replicate.

Our team will be on hand to ensure your safety whilst giving you the freedom to explore this environment at night.

 This is not a competitive event. We encourage people to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy their time in the lake.

We are very relaxed about how long you would like to stay on the course.

After the swim we welcome you onto dry land with refreshments served by our team.

We encourage all ages and abilities to take part, You must be 11 yrs old and able to swim the distance unassisted. We don't mind how, Breaststroke is not only an option, its often preferable to soak in the atmosphere. 


Event date: 03/09/2022 We swim into the Night!


Distances: You choose your distance in the time allocated, there are two looped courses. The main loop is approximately 600m and a short loop is 250m. You may complete as many laps as possible within the time limit. 

Start time: 8:00pm

Cut Off Time: 9:30pm 

Entry Fee: £32.00

Race Registration: Whitwell, Rutland Water

Start Line: Whitwell, Next to Rutland Watersports

Entry Limit: 300

Must be 11yrs + on the night of the swim

Organisers: SwimRutland

Car Parking: Whitwell site parking included in entry

Wetsuit Hire: Available from Rutland Watersports, £5.00 can be paid for on the night of the swim. No need to book.

Entry includes: 
Parking charges, Swim Hat, Glow Stick, Comprehensive safety cover, Full medical support, Hot drink and snacks, bag store, Showers and changing. 

Loan of Safety equipment including Swim floats, Emergency Whistle, Glow Wrist Bands. 

The course will be in complete darkness with the moon and the stars lighting the way. Each swimmer will be issued with glowsticks, a NightSwim swim hat, safety wristbands and an emergency whistle. Safety is paramount, our kayak crews will be keeping a close watch on everyone,  Wetsuits and Swim Floats are compulsory for this event.


Please read the terms and conditions.

If you agree to the terms, conditions and our refund policy. Please follow the link to enter SwimRutland NightSwim 2022.

Please check your email inbox (including junk folders) for a confirmation email. 

If you do not receive an email from us then please get in touch. 

Once you have entered, please keep a look out for your race guide which will be published two weeks prior to the event. 

SwimRutland NightSwim

SwimRutland NightSwim

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We give our swimmers the freedom to choose their distance. We are setting a couple of routes to suit all abilities. We have a main course of 600m. We also have a 250m loop for those wanting a more sheltered course and easier access to the shore. Complete as many laps as you like within the time allocated. Regardless of distance we will be on the shore to welcome you with food, drink and good music.

NightSwim Course map.jpg

The short course  

A short loop in the most sheltered section of Whitwell creek.

If you are nervous then this will be the best way to experience

night swimming. The course will never feel exposed or far from

dry land. As with all of our events, they are open to anyone who

thinks they can safely complete the distance. You can swim Front

crawl, Breast stroke, doggy paddle, whatever you need to get

round. If you complete your loop in good time and fancy another go,

we really wont mind. Go for another lap! Safety boats will be on

standby for the duration of the event so make the most of it.


The Main course. (Approximately 600m)

Areas of the course will be fairly exposed, so swimmers should be confident open water swimmers before taking on this challenge. Complete in any stroke you wish as long as you can make the distance within the cut off, we wont be judging your technique. Feel free to complete as many loops as possible within the time limit. We may be forced to alter the course if conditions are rough. Night swimming in choppy water isn't fun. In 2016 we had to make last minute changes to keep you sheltered. If this happens in 2022 you will be informed before entering the water.

Please Note. it may be necessary to restrict swimmers to the short course towards the very end of the session. You can continue to swim until 9:30pm when we must clear the water. But in those final 10/15 minutes you may be requested to swim on the short course only. It's important that we condense everyone down and safely count you out the water. The decision will be made on the evening to ensure everyone safely departs the water. 

Back up course,

We will have a back up course in the event of the weather compromising safety. By entering the event you acknowledge that the course may be changed to keep everyone safe. SwimRutland reserve the right to change the course without notice if there is any doubt over the safety of swimmers. Their decision is final and will be made in conjunction with key stakeholders in this event.




9:00am                         Whitwell Site open

5:00pm                         Registration opens 

7:50pm                         Dusk

7:50pm                         Event Briefing

7:55pm                         Lights out 

8:00pm                         Swim start 

9:15pm                         Short course only

9:30pm                         Swim finish 

9:00pm - 10:00pm         Food and drink 


2021 Event guide available for reference only

Compulsory swim floats look like this, you are welcome to use your own or use one of ours. Floats are compulsory for this event.

swim floats

How to Find Us

Rutland Water

Bull Brigg Lane



LE15 8BL

Sat Nav: Rutland Watersports, Bull Brigg lane, Whitwell LE15 8BL


The event takes place from the shore of Rutland Water in the Village of Whitwell, located on the North shore of Rutland Water between Barnsdale and Empingham.

Rutland water is scattered with facilities around its perimeter with Whitwell being its major hub for Watersports, Cycling and Climbing.

Getting to the site is easy and once you're there we have signposted the site to ensure a stress free visit. Just follow the SwimRutland signs to race registration. 


Bag Drop

We have a bag drop facility for you to take advantage of. It is located at Registration. Please do not leave valuables in your bags. Items are left at your own risk. 

Race Briefing

Will be conducted before you enter the water. We will cover a few general safety points and inform you of any changes or notable difference to the course. Please be at the start line at the designated time. 

Start times

There is no strict start time at this event. You must enter and exit the water under the designated Gantry. It is vitally important that we count you in and out of the water. Please be patient whilst queuing to enter the lake. You are very welcome to hang back and enter at your leisure. 


Open and closing times will be strictly adhered to. There are no on the day entries in this event. You must have registered in advance. 


They can be hired from Rutland Water sports on the evening of the swim for £5.00

Wetsuits are compulsory when water temperatures are below 16c

Wrist bands and Whistles

Please hand them in after your swim so we can re use them. 


The Whitwell Car park is available to all our swimmers. The parking fees are included in your entry. This will be valid from 4:30pm.  



Only enter and exit through the designated area. 

Swim courteously at all times. 

Listen to the safety crew and follow their instructions 

The person registered must turn up to swim registration on the evening of the event.



We may tweak the course if conditions prevent the original plan. We will always take the most sheltered option. Swimming in the dark is tough enough, without any additional problems.

What will you receive before the race?

We do not send anything out in the post. You must collect everything on the evening of the event. You should receive an automated confirmation email when you register. If you do not recieve an email please first check your junk email folder. Follow the link to the start list where you will find your name if your registration has been successful. Please allow 48hrs for the system to update. 

On site facilities

There are a number of facilities on site. Permanent toilet blocks, are scattered throughout the whole site. Hot showers are available. Wetsuit hire. Refreshments are provided after the swim, you can help yourselves to these. Options before the swim are limited. 


inspire2tri logo

If you are new to open water swimming and would like to learn a few basics before you take part in our events, we recommend booking onto the introduction to open water swimming session hosted by inspire2tri. If you can already swim and have a little open water experience then the open water swim sessions are for you. You'll find a friendly bunch of like minded people at Rutland water every Sunday morning. If its some close up refinement and specific technique work that you require their state of the art endless pool is where you need to swim. Full video analysis and action plans are available. Click on a links to find out more.

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