A New 8km Adventure

A new 8km course around Hambleton Peninsula  

Up to 3 swimmers will be guided around Hambleton peninsula on an 8km adventure

Stunning Open Water Swimming in the heart of Rutland

We will hug the shoreline as we swim around the entire peninsula. The route gives the most incredible views over the whole of Rutland water.


It's your swim, so you can go for speed or go for views, it's completely up to you.


July - September

Hambleton North shore - Hambleton South shore

Rutland Water 8km route

Entry Fee includes: 

Full safety cover,

Rescue back up at Rutland water sports.

Finisher Medal, SwimRutland Swim Hat,

Parking, Swim float hire.

Swimmers must be 18 years old on the day of the swim.

Full details coming soon.


SwimRutland Hambleton is available 7 days a week from July - September. Times depend on lake activity but will likely start early morning or late afternoon to avoid peak boat traffic. Please email to discuss availability. swimrutland@gmail.com 

Course Details

The SwimRutland Hamleton takes you around Hambleton peninsula in an 8km loop.
You swim 8km and finish across the peninsula from where you started. 
Our course hugs the shore line taking in views across the entire lake. 

Swimmers will meet in the fishermans car park at the bottom of Hambleton Hill.

We will launch safety craft and start your swim from the slipway on the North side of Hambleton peninsula.

Once in the water we will swim in a clockwise direction around Hambleton.

At the end of the swim we will be on the edge of Rutland water nature reserve with stunning views across the reservoir.
It is a short 5 minute walk across some grass and onto the footpath in order to get back to your car. You're nearly where you started. 

 SwimRutland Hambleton

How to enter: 

Read the terms and conditions of entry, including the swim cancellation agreement. Follow the links to the entry system.

Agree to the terms and conditions and our refund and transfer policy

Inform us of any medical information that might be relevant.

Submit the relevant fee.

Follow us on social media for news, information and up dates.

Carefully read your event guide the week before the swim.

Submit any questions or queries to swimrutland@gmail.com


Pre event procedure:

Carefully read the swim guide prior to the race

Please note the temperature ranges before entering the event. 

18.9c and under = wetsuit compulsory
19c and above = wetsuit optional in all distances
23c = Advisory Non-wetsuit for 2km
24c = Advisory Non-wetsuit for 4km & 8km
Mini swimmers will be offered guidance based on their ability and swim speed.


If the water temperature does not reach 19c, this will be a wetsuit compulsory event. Please consider this when entering. There will be no transfers or refunds made because of the wetsuit policy. 


The upper limit is discretional. We advise that you don't wear a wetsuit above these temperatures but acknowledge not everyone is here to swim as fast as possible and might require the extra warmth.

The policy has been agreed with the lake owners using industry best practice and our collective knowledge of the venue. Temperatures will be adhered to; no exceptions will be made. Unfortunately, we cannot make additional allowances for experience or preference. We appreciate your continued understanding.


Swim Floats

Swim floats are compulsory for this event 

They are designed to make you visible without impeding your natural swimming stroke.

We loan our swim floats for free to all competitors. No need to book, no need to make any arrangements.

They will be ready to collect on the morning of SwimRutland. 

We believe that they offer our swimmers the best possible safety during our event.  

How to Find Us

We will meet on the agreed time and date at the bottom of Hambleton hill. As you approach Hambleton from the direction of Oakham there is a small car park on the left hand side 

Important Stuff

Contact Us

Please note; we might be more difficult to contact

during race week.

Mark all urgent enquiries with URGENT SwimRutland 

in the title and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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