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A Brand New Open water swim out to the tower in Rutland water's main body.

An exclusive opportunity on an incredible exposed open water swim course.

Stunning Open Water Swimming in the heart of Rutland

Summer 2021
Whitwell - The Tower
Rutland Water


Summer 2021

North Arm water tower 

Main body water tower

Harbour cafe Whitwell

Rutland Water 2km route

Entry Fee includes: 

Swim Hat

Full safety cover 

Advanced medical support

Free Parking

Swimmers must be 16 years old on the day of the swim.

Course Details

The SwimRutland TowerSwim course starts and finishes at the Harbour cafe in Whitwell. 
You'll head out into the mouth of Whitwell creek and the edge of the main body of Rutland Water. From there you will swim directly at the water tower in the middle of the main basin. After completing a U-turn on the south side of the tower you'll head back along the course to the finish line and refreshments at the Harbour cafe. 
The course will be managed by an experience safety crew at all times. 
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How to Enter

How to enter: 

Read the terms and conditions of entry, including the swim cancellation agreement. Follow the links to the entry system.

Agree to the terms and conditions and our refund and transfer policy

Inform us of any medical information that might be relevant.

Submit the relevant fee.

Follow us on social media for news, information and up dates.

Carefully read your event guide the week before the swim.

Submit any questions or queries to swimrutland@gmail.com


Pre event procedure:

Carefully read the swim guide prior to the race

Coming Soon


Please note the temperature ranges before entering the event. 

18.9c and under = wetsuit compulsory
19c and above = wetsuit optional in all distances
23c = Advisory Non-wetsuit for 2km
24c = Advisory Non-wetsuit for 4km & 8km
Mini swimmers will be offered guidance based on their ability and swim speed.


If the water temperature does not reach 19c, this will be a wetsuit compulsory event. Please consider this when entering. There will be no transfers or refunds made because of the wetsuit policy. 


The upper limit is discretional. We advise that you don't wear a wetsuit above these temperatures but acknowledge not everyone is here to swim as fast as possible and might require the extra warmth.

The policy has been agreed with the lake owners using industry best practice and our collective knowledge of the venue. Temperatures will be adhered to; no exceptions will be made. Unfortunately, we cannot make additional allowances for experience or preference. We appreciate your continued understanding.

Swim Floats

Swim floats are compulsory for this event 

They are designed to make you visible without impeding your natural swimming stroke.

We loan our swim floats for free to all competitors. No need to book, no need to make any arrangements.

They will be ready to collect on the morning of SwimRutland. 

We believe that they offer our swimmers the best possible safety during our event.  

swim floats

Important Stuff

Terms and Conditions
Refund and Transfer Policy
Cancellation Policy

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Mark all urgent enquiries with URGENT SwimRutland 

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